Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

Thomas Paine

Here is wingjay, living in ShangHai.

Who am I
Software Engineer in Android, React Native, Python backend, Javascript, Web Fronted, PHP.

Best Apps of 2016 in Play Store - Eve Android.
Second place of IBM Mobile Application Development Competition, 2014.

3.5 years experience in Android & Java;
Serveral months in React Native;
1.5 years in Python backend + Flask + Nginx + Redis + MySQL + AliYun;
Half year in Web fronted.

2017/06 - Now | Android Senior Engineer | Alibaba, Inc. | HangZhou
2015/06 - 2017/06 | Android-Server engineer | Glow | Shanghai
2013/09 - 2016/06 | Master | Shanghai Jiao Tong University | Shanghai
2009/09 - 2013/06 | Bachelor | Beijing Institute of Technology | Beijing

My job in Alibaba
Develop a new network framework RxApi to make network code cleaner and more stable.
Develop a new RecyclerView Adapter framework: Lego List, which supports multi-type item, reusable ViewHolder class.

What I did
I write Android & Java tech blogs.
I open-source Android projects jianshi + BlurImage etc.
I read source code: OkHttp, LeakCanary, AOSP, RxLifecycle etc. (I love Square, don’t you?).
I developed one personal Full-Stack project jianshi 简诗 by myself. and Yeah, it’s still alive, 25000 users, running on AliYun.
I write script: shell + python + Node.js

Email: yinjiesh AT

Chinese native
CET-6, I also write, speak, understand English

Thanks, here is wingjay, always open to exciting opportunity.